Click for Adventure!


8 thoughts on “Click for Adventure!

    • Hi Morgan, yes the bird photo is pretty disturbing. But at least it is a good reminder about how our trash or recycling should end up in the right place and not a place where an animal could mistake it for food!


  1. Hi this is Robby Weber from Lopez Elementary, I’m so excited for you to come talk to us. And also, I just had to say that the sperm whale video was amazing. 🙂


    • Thanks Robby! I am very excited to come speak at your school tomorrow! The sperm whale WAS amazing, it was quite an encounter and makes me that much more wondrous about all the creatures in the ocean and how majestic they are!


  2. Hi Sarah. I am from Lopez and my name is Maya. You spoke to our school and I Just wanted to say your speech to fourth grade was so inspirational and I was wondering if you could tell mo about some sea turtles. I love this type of animals.

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    • Hi Maya! Thank you for your kind words, I really enjoyed talking to Lopez Elementary virtually this week. There is SO much to say about sea turtles. Something not many people know is that all species of sea turtles are endangered. It is very important for people who live on beach fronts or stay in resorts that are on beaches where turtles lay their eggs (usually in tropical climates), that they don’t interrupt the nesting process and never take eggs from the nest. Report people who are trying to sell turtle eggs – it’s illegal!


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