About Me

SBurgess_headshotSarah owes much of her adventurous spirit to her family and friends. With their love, support and countless floors/couches/beds to crash on throughout her transitory lifestyle, she embodies an independent spirit yearning for that next adventure but eager to fill her loved ones in along the way. In-person visits are always a highlight of these travels from job to job and season to season!

Like almost everyone’s introduction to a subject they love, Sarah became fascinated with charismatic mammals of the ocean through one of her teachers in middle school. Little by little she uncovered more wondrous information about the ocean and began planning her ultimate life goal at the age of 12: swim with dolphins. One family summer trip and many rolls of film accidentally thrown out (still a sore subject) later… Sarah proclaimed her life goal to become a marine biologist. Many dolphin memorabilia mementos and gifts later and two excellent summer camps hosted by SeaCamp in Galveston, Sarah adopted a middle name of “Dolphin” and hightailed it to be with other like-minded people at Texas A&M University at Galveston. In between school years on the coast, she began working each summer in the mountains of New Mexico and began to link her passion for the outdoors with a profession – education. Philmont Scout Ranch was the first place she subconsciously developed an outdoor ethic and she’s been living by it ever since.

But what’s a college journey without some decisions?! Not all things are forever and so, in time, several dolphin lamps and figurines made their way to a resale shop and Sarah discovered that though still exciting to her, marine BIOLOGY was very overwhelming and she could not pick a specified track by sophomore year. She changed majors to a newer offering at her college at the time, Ocean and Coastal Resources. In this major Sarah explored a smattering of hard sciences, field classes and excelled in ethical and political courses on the ocean and coasts that built her public speaking and presentation skills.

Sarah has made a life since university graduation working fulfilling and soul-stirring seasonal jobs. Between summers at Philmont guiding backpacking treks and creating sustainability programs, or winters shredding the gnar in the snowy Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and school years spent instructing students at Catalina Island Marine Institute – she has loved it all and each challenge has enlivened her passion to share the adventure of the outdoors and conservation ethic with everyone she meets.

Sarah usually partakes in any and all activities listed above while wearing extremely tasteful thrift shop fashions including but not limited to: Mountain Tees, vintage vests, bright colors, headbands and flip-flops or hiking boots.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Have a wonderful time in your new adventure and with your new mates. We can’t wait to read about your experiences so we can see the awe of the ocean through your eyes ….. so proud of you! Much love – Mama & Papa


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