Holiday Finale: Privilege

I had some other subjects I was going to write about for my last post in this holiday series. As 2016 wrapped up and my eyes are on 2017, I think a lot about how many people I am fortunate to have crossed paths with in this past year. I look ahead to new beginnings with a full time job in California beginning now in 2017. It’s been a privilege to live life and work dynamically and adventurously for the better part of the last decade, and now it will be a new kind of privilege and adventure from here on.

Turns out a friend and family family member of mine summed up what I thought about a lot this year. I thank Garrett Dimon for sharing his words and journey. Have a happy 2017, everyone, keep looking out for each other.

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The Compounding Benefits of Privilege by Garrett Dimon


One thought on “Holiday Finale: Privilege

  1. Nice wrap, Sarah. It will be fun to see what you Garrett have your eyes on as you both launch into a new year with high expectations. Both of you have exemplary wisdom and I look forward to learning how you follow your journeys on the “road not taken” as you blaze new trails. Happy trails to you both. You are both pretty amazing, and I can’t wait to read the next chapter! Love Mom and Cathy


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