Superior Views for Superior Moments

Weekend Warrior Edition #1 (in no particular order) of several had so far.

Thanks to some adventure buddies, Marc & Anna, I have had a good run of weekend fun lately – most recently, the Porcupine Mountains in Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Last week Minnesota, this week Michigan, next week…Montana? sigh…I wish.

We were chasing down fall, and a recent solar storm which stirs up the Aurora Borealis activity, but we only found a little peek of fall and some super clear skies, yet no light show. We camped the first evening within hearing Superior’s waves crash on a beach 40 feet below our tenting ledge. Hiking in the next day past Union Spring – and what do you know – a true spring bubbling up. Dreams of jumping in for a soak were quickly doubled back on after touching the water. Like ice. We found a superior camping spot, with superior views, for superior moments (copyright, Anna) with a wide open view of the Lake of the Clouds Basin and some trees working on poking their reds and oranges through on leaves. In one photo below, you might be able to peep the Bald Eagle soaring above the tree line. The next day, we woke up to estimated 40 mph wind gusts and impending rain, which soaked us on our hike back. Already dripping, why not go to a waterfall anyway? And then, since you’re wet and have made it back to the car, WHY NOT just go jump in Lake Superior? I know, that’s what I said!!

A quick run, dive into, and stumble out of the shores of Superior rounded out our trip. Turns out, the air temperature (about 65 F) that day warmed us right back up instantly after exiting the water, which I estimated (based off years of Pacific hydro-temp-guessing), was probably in the high 50s F. If you’re into Polar Plunging yourself, check out my last photo – this is what one should have ready upon exiting your plunge. At the least. Note the bandanna – 10/10 recommend an actual pack towel instead:)



The Opportunity for Education

Recently, I was in a city riding in a Lyft driver’s car with a good friend. We started chatting to our driver immediately, and soon learned he was from Ghana and had been living in the US for 6 years. He was a fisherman at home in his country and we talked about what kind of fishing he did-local species, shallow water along the coasts-but he told us that Koreans and other Asian fishing vessels were coming to fish out all the big fish like tuna. He kept telling us that living in America  was great – and the work that Americans do is really really good in his country. I told him I had a friend who was about to go to Ghana for Peace Corps and he excitedly talked about how American and other international groups helped get wells drilled for freshwater for a lot of cities and towns in Ghana. It was quite the process for him to apply and receive a visa to immigrate to the US, but he persevered and now he is happy with his family and a recent home purchase – his first ever. “Opportunity…there is so much opportunity here in America,” he said.

It’s about that time for one of the greatest opportunities our country affords us who are eligible citizens.




There is so much more to these elections than just the big and shiny in-your-face from what the media wants you to know. Liberal, conservative, or somewhere in the middle radio/print/digital/TV/cable: if it were up to them you’d hear about the Presidential candidates ALL the time, and only 2 out of the 4 at that.

THERE IS MORE, people. Propositions, referendums, ballot issues, and ALL THE OTHER ELECTED OFFICIALS BESIDES PRESIDENT. Before you give me the “I’m not voting for either of them,” spiel/speel/schpeel (sp?) – please consider the other officials just like the two you’re refusing to vote for, who are already in office or who will get elected by sheer money spent on media.

If everyone who is on Facebook clicking and scrolling away would commit to reading one piece of background news on a voting issue for their state, or about one of their elected representatives, what the voting record of an incumbent really is….imagine the FORCE of educated voters we would have in the Nation.

One of the best sites I’ve come across recently gives me the information I want easily and concisely and it’s only about ONE issue – the ocean. Heal the Bay is an “environmental non profit dedicated to making the coastal waters and watersheds of Greater Los Angeles safe, healthy, and clean.” They made a shortcut voter card so voters can know the ballot issues in November, with propositions directly related to the health of the ocean and surrounding watersheds.

For all my California voter peeps, especially, check it and know your ballot: 

Have you found any excellent voter ballot/issue resources for the upcoming election? Please share in the comments below!

Back from Retirement…soon!

How time flies…it has been all of 2016 since I have blogged last. Rest assured, I have been on many the adventure, with many the friend and good vibes. I will be working to reconstruct some of those adventures here in the coming months. Thanks to those supportive readers (hey, Mom!), and I will join you back here very soon. But until then…some eye candy scenery of some of my favorites this year.