Day 11 – Thinking Caps

A great post, and on a topic I was just about to draft myself. Call it TGIF – I’m shamelessly reblogging this talented lady I met at Philmont this summer. Cheers Anna!


Among all of the social tension this week over Mizzou, Starbuck’s red cups, and more, I’ve been left with many thoughts. First of all, these are all communication issues. Everything in life can be debated from a racial, economic, behavioral, or religious stand point (amongst many others), but in the end it seems to be all about how we all respond to these issues that deems them worthy of attention.

The ongoing conflicts at Mizzou are important. Let me say this: I am not in Columbia. I have no idea what it feels like to not only be a minority, but to be on a campus currently blanketed in tension. I am genuinely sorry for those who felt unsafe walking their school’s premises before and the same to those who feel threatened now. No and’s/if’s/but’s about it. I am sorry.

With Starbuck’s red cups, I still retain my belief that…

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