Season Highlights

NautilusLive has season highlights playing on loop now. This video will grace the homepage for the next 5 months until the 2016 expedition is underway and live again.

I lived this fall season in three ways: working, traveling and working+traveling. I am proud of the way I have positioned these facets of life to my and others’ advantage and want to share my highlights now.

Returning to Philmont after the Nautilus expedition was surreal. I was so grateful to have the opportunity to finish my summer contract, say farewell to team members from the season and tell my adventure in person. I found joy in the little things after life at sea – no more swaying; walking more than 20 feet at a time without ducking and stepping over, under or around; a change in pace of food to eat. I missed being at sea but it is harder to describe why. The more I talked about my expedition from the day I returned to Philmont all the way until now, 3 months later, I realized something.

What I found is that each time I had the chance to explain my trip, or talk about upcoming opportunities for next year and beyond, I was passing on that sense of adventure to others. The same sense that led me to apply around this time last year. I was invited to come speak at Cimarron Middle School by a friend and co-worker from Philmont who is the Math Teacher at CMS. “Bringing the Ocean to the Mountains” was the title of my hour long presentation. The bright 6-8th graders, and even a few select 5th graders, asked thoughtful questions and were rapt with attention of my slides showing photos of Jobs on the Nautilus. The presentation finished with a get-moving activity where student groups had to find either a tool or other group they would interact with as members of the Corps of Exploration. Technology was a hot topic with this group, with many students in the audience serving vital roles in the school’s A/V and Media Team who work with RamVision, a live stream of district events and showcase of student video productions. I am so happy to bridge my work and aspirations of Philmont and Nautilus to the young community in Cimarron.



The second school presentation I made was in Colorado at an elementary school which follows Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and promotes a leadership culture within their curriculum which helps each student, no matter the age, find their voice and help others to find theirs. These students were some of the most impressive 10/11 year olds I have taught before. I set up their Science class as a 4-station rotation of experiments looking at pressure and density using modules in collaboration with Ocean Exploration Trust.



Finally, I was able to return to Catalina Island for a visit and a presentation to current staff about opportunities available on E/V Nautilus for 2016 and beyond. These applications are open to high school students, undergraduate and graduate students, as well as educators and scientists.




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