Scenes from the Sea: Fog


A foggy transit as we moved out of Southern California sunny skies into the central coast toward Monterey Bay. This was a 20-hour transit and the Captain allowed us to go forward to the bow of the boat as it was moving – a rare treat. We had fun with some photos and anticipating when to cover our ears for the loud blast of a fog horn ever minute.

Did you know that fog can be considered a low-lying cloud? It is a collection of tiny water droplets and ice crystals suspended in the air near the Earth’s surface. In this case it was water vapor condensing in cold air over a warmer water body.


ROV Pilot Buzz plays Rose from Titanic as Melinda, a Science Intern, plays Jack.


4 thoughts on “Scenes from the Sea: Fog

    • Hi Alexa! I did not find that bird, that image is from a group which advocates for what happens to wildlife when plastic is all around them in their wild habitat and when they eat too much of it either on purpose thinking it is food, or by accident. It is so important to make sure trash ends up in the trash (or recycled!) so wildlife like the bird don’t get sick or die from mistaking it for food.


    • Hi Ava, yes the pictures above are my own from the ship when I was on it. Any other images on this blog are credited to other people or groups when they are not my personal photos. Thanks for reading!


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