Scenes from the Sea: Team Zissou


Brother and friends visit the Nautilus at port in San Pedro, CA. CIMI Cherry Cove Adventure Beanies on heads, we are ready to track the elusive Jaguar Shark…or dream about such things while posing with Hercules!


Scenes from the Sea: Fog


A foggy transit as we moved out of Southern California sunny skies into the central coast toward Monterey Bay. This was a 20-hour transit and the Captain allowed us to go forward to the bow of the boat as it was moving – a rare treat. We had fun with some photos and anticipating when to cover our ears for the loud blast of a fog horn ever minute.

Did you know that fog can be considered a low-lying cloud? It is a collection of tiny water droplets and ice crystals suspended in the air near the Earth’s surface. In this case it was water vapor condensing in cold air over a warmer water body.


ROV Pilot Buzz plays Rose from Titanic as Melinda, a Science Intern, plays Jack.

A Minute of Your Time

There are two topics that aren’t new to this blog: plastics and transformations.

Think for a minute about the amount of plastic you use in a single day. How much of it is one time use and how much is reusable? Did you know that recycling plastic is actually more of “downcycling” it? No plastic can ever be remade into its exact replica again (as opposed to aluminum cans and glass bottles)- it will be cycled into a newer product of lesser quality and reduced functionality. Read: a single use beverage bottle when “recycled” will never actually become a beverage bottle again, but probably something like a plastic bag or plastic film instead.

While you think on that, here is a simple petition being sponsored to call for a corporation who stresses their value on sustainability and environmental impact. Even if you don’t frequent this company, think about how you may use the same products that are being called out in this petition. Petition Calling on Starbucks to Lead the World in Offering Biodegradable Straws and Lids

I’ll leave you with a visual cue which reminds us what our dependency on plastics can do extreme harm. You don’t have to be near an ocean to keep this trash out of this bird’s stomach.

Photo credit: Plastic Pollution Coalition with a special message on the homepage from The Dude himself

I challenge you to evaluate your use of single-use plastics. Change what you can in your life to eliminate them all together. It all starts with a minute of your time.

Scenes from the Sea: Dumbo Octopus


This is a screen capture from Hercules’s camera with some sea stars surrounding a Dumbo Octopus. These octopus are named for their Dumbo-like ears on the side of their mantle. These are not ears, though, they are fins which help in steering and direction for the octopus in locomotion. Dumbo octopus are the deepest living octopus. Thanks to the red laser points (10 cm apart) showing in the photo, we can estimate this particular octopus to be about 6 cm wide and 12 cm long.