TV Alert for tonight!

Turn your eyes and channels to your local CBS Broadcast TONIGHT!

On 60 Minutes tonight Bob Ballard will speak about the adventures of the E/V Nautilus! This is a story, “Unknown America” which aired back in May. This special times especially with our upcoming dive on the USS Macon on Tuesday, August 18th.

Preview: Unknown America

The USS Macon is an airship wreck just outside Monterey Bay, California. We have special permits to dive on the 18th and currently have aboard the Director for Archaeological programs for Ocean Exploration Trust as well as a PhD student from Texas A&M’s Nautical Archaeology Program (Gig ‘Em Aggies!) who represents NOAA in this joint venture between NOAA, the Naval History & Heritage Command, and OET to photograph and map the wreck. This wreck is very unique – the Macon possesses some of the oldest aviation equipment submerged in saltwater, but because of the depth and temperature of the site where the wreckage lies, there is still fabric from the airplane’s wings visible.

Diving all day on Tuesday, the 18th, so tune in for the adventure! Until then, get your fix on Nautilus Live and with 60 Minutes tonight!

banner image credit: NOAA/MBARI/Wiley Collection


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