Artists at Sea – STEAM on!

There are many in-ship residency programs out there for scientists and teachers. Each year NOAA offers a Teacher at Sea program across several vessels in their fleet. Additionally, there are visiting scientist and researcher positions on board lots of ocean-going research and exploratory vessels.

E/V Nautilus has two very unique Science Communication Fellows on board right now as the vessel transits from Galapagos up to the Pacific/California coastline, using SONAR to map all along the way. I was fortunate to meet both of these women on board as Artists at Sea, this March when our cohort of Fellows met for the first time. I am in awe of these ladies and their respective artistic talents and the way they can interpret science, research and exploration in a whole new light.

With all my work in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education outreach, I am happy to incorporate Art along the way, as a medium to discover and enhance the important subjects of interest. STEAM on!

Karen Romano Young and Rebecca Rutstein on board E/V Nautilus


galapagos_seamounts_2_smallGalapagos Seamount by R. Rutstein

Banner picture: Hercules (Phase 3) K. Romano Young


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