A great friend of mine is leading the adventure life cycling across the country. His latest stop: Yosemite National Park, first protected in 1864. Hats off to Marc & John’s dream for the trip, and Carrie’s enthusiasm I am fortunate enough to be working with this summer. The best part about Philmont is the chance to work with various people who have spent different parts of their Phil-career working with other excellent people. In the end, it’s because of all those excellent folk of the past that you can stand on the shoulders of giants.

Cycling for Conservation

I had the grandest time exploring our nation’s third designated National Park just over one month ago. I was able to see a ton of the park thanks to my Philmont friend, Carrie, who works in the park for Nature Bridge, tirelessly educating the youth of California and also thanks to Dennis, a friend I made on this trip in Louisiana who came out to Yosemite to backpack for his very first time. I devoted 1/3 of my time shadowing/guest teaching with Carrie as she taught a group of 11 eighth graders about our natural world and our place within, 1/3 of the time cycling and hiking around with Dennis seeing waterfalls, big trees, and towering cliffs, and the rest of the time backpacking and hiking Half Dome with both of them.

Carrie explains the geology of the park. Navada Falls is on the right. Carrie passionately explains the geology of the park. Navada Falls is on the right.

It is a rainy on the second and…

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