Why do bubbles matter?

The E/V Nautilus began the 2015 Expedition Season last week from Gulfport, MS. Since last Thursday, the website has been live–giving you highlight reels or background videos to view when the ROVS are not in the water and LIVE! footage when Hercules & Argus are doing their thing in the depths of the ocean. You can watch multiple views of each camera’s angle and listen to all the scientists, engineers, ROV pilots and my fellow Science Communication Fellows (DJ, Amy & Megan) in the control van during each deep dive!

Through narrating the Science Party Line and answering questions submitted through the chat box on the home page during ROV dives for the viewing audience at home, the SCFs give excellent information about the expedition to all explorers, young and old.

Please check out this excellent written piece explaining why the bubbles matter in this Gulf of Mexico research segment.bubbles_for_facebook


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