Purpose as a Venn Clock


As fate would have it, a friend shared this image via social media today just as I was contemplating what this post should be about. Purpose is hard to pin point; difficult to explain sometimes; but usually can be spoken about eloquently and relevantly by its defender. As the diagram shows, there are many “gray” areas, points we find overlapping for the sake of…well… the purpose. I believe anyone can start their journey of purpose at any hand of the clock. I started at the 12 o’clock position by realizing my love for science and the outdoors through many youthful ventures. Like many kids, I just wanted to grow up and be able to stay outside and play all day. And, at 6 o’clock, with encouragement and support from many, I have held jobs that hardly feel like work, in beautiful places with incredible people. I’ve been humbled by words about 9 o’clock, but almost more importantly, the unwritten “gray” area there is taking into consideration all the times I’ve been told how something I do could be better – and not how to do it, just to create the solution myself.  And finally, I know to be true that my life pursuits of conservation and education are most definitely 3 o’clock. These clock-like features anchor my purpose: not always in an exact order but a little chaotic, just to keep me on my toes and with my head in the game.

So, what’s the purpose of this Nautilus Expedition you ask? Continue reading


Ahoy Mates!

Welcome aboard Burgess Adventures! I’m very happy to use this blog to keep you up to speed with all things E/V Nautilus related – the reason for the season – as well as my current venture in directing and developing environmental education and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) for the Boy Scouts of America at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.

In January 2015 I was selected as a Science Communication Fellow to go aboard the Exploration Vessel Nautilus this season. Since 2009, the E/V Nautilus has been “going where none have gone before” exploring the ocean. Just ask its founding father: Dr. Robert Ballard (Titanic discoverer, ring a bell?). Philmont Scout Ranch is my host organization in this venture and I am ecstatic to bridge my love of ocean science with the mountains I have called home for over a decade. Continue reading